06bj Countries
Dimitris Sclias

I’m from Greece.-> I speak Greek.
You’re from England. -> You speak English.
She’s from China -> She speaks Chinese.

Please choose the right answer.


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question 1

Where are Mr and Mrs Meyer from ?

A they're from Germany
B we are from German

question 2

Is Pepito from Portugal ?

A Yes, he speaks Portuguese
B Yes, he speak Portuguese

question 3

Is Mr Macaroni from Italy ?

A Yes, he speak Italy
B Yes, he speaks Italian

question 4

Dolores Maria is from Spain.

A she speaks Greek
B she speaks Spanish

question 5

Where are Tony and Sonia from ?

A they're from Australia
B you are from Australian

question 6

He speaks French.

A he's from French
B he's from France

question 7

Do you speak Chinese ?

A Yes, we speak China
B Yes, we are from China

question 8

Where is Lee from ?

A He's of Japan
B He's from Japan

question 9

You are from England.

A you speak English
B Your speak French

question 10

Where is Panos from ?

A he's from Greek
B he's from Greece