D.Education English Lessons


1. Πίνακας ομαλών ρημάτων.

2. Πίνακας με Ανώμαλα ρήματα.


Απαρέμφατο                                        Αόριστος             Παθητική Μετοχή


accept   (δέχομαι)                               accepted             accepted

adore    (λατρεύω)                              adored                 adored

agree    (συμφωνώ)                           agreed                 agreed

annoy    (ενοχλώ)                               annoyed              annoyed

arrest   (συλλαμβάνω)                       arrested              arrested

arrive   (φθάνω)                                 arrived                arrived

bother   (ενοχλώ)                               bothered             bothered

call       (καλώ)                                    called                   called

clean    (καθαρίζω)                             cleaned                cleaned

close    (κλείνω)                                  closed                  closed

cook     (μαγειρεύω)                           cooked                cooked

cry       (κλαίω)                                    cried                    cried

dance    (χωρεύω)                              danced                danced

deliver  (μεταφέρω)                           delivered             delivered

die      (πεθαίνει)                                 died                     died

disagree (διαφωνώ)                           disagreed            disagreed

dislike  (αντιπαθώ)                               disliked               disliked

enjoy    (διασκεδάζω)                         enjoyed               enjoyed

fail     (αποτυγχάνω)                           failed                   failed

finish   (τελειώνω)                              finished               finished

fix      (διορθώνω)                               fixed                    fixed

happen   (συμβαίνει)                          happened            happened

hate     (μισώ)                                     hated                   hated

help     (βοηθώ)                                  helped                 helped

like      (αρέσω)                                   liked                    liked

listen   (ακούω)                                   listened               listened

live       (ζω)                                        lived                    lived

love      (αγαπώ)                                  loved                   loved

mend     (επισκευάζω)                        mended               mended

need     (χρειάζομαι)                           needed                needed

open     (ανοίγω)                                 opened                opened

paint     (βάφω)                                  painted                painted

pass     (περνάω)                                passed                passed

phone    (τηλεφωνώ)                         phoned                phoned

plan     (σχεδιάζω)                              planned               planned

play     (παίζω)                                    played                 played

pull     (τραβάω)                                  pulled                  pulled

push     (σπρώχνω)                             pushed                pushed

rain     (βραίχει)                                  rained                  rained

remember (θυμάμαι)                          remembered      remembered

repair   (επισκευάζω)                          repaired              repaired

save     (σώζω)                                   saved                  saved

start    (αρχίζω)                                  started                started

stay     (μένω)                                    stayed                 stayed

stop     (σταματάω)                             stopped               stopped

study    (μελετάω)                              studied                studied

survive  (επιζώ)                                  survived              survived

travel   (ταξιδεύω)                              travelled              travelled

try      (προσπαθώ)                             tried                     tried

visit    (επισκέπτομαι)                         visited                 visited

wait     (περιμένω)                              waited                 waited

walk      (περπατώ)                             walked                walked

want     (θέλω)                                   wanted                wanted

wash     (πλένω)                                 washed               washed

watch  (παρακολουθώ)                      watched              watched

work     (δουλεύω)                             worked                worked




2. Πίνακας με Ανώμαλα ρήματα.


Απαρέμφατο             Αόριστος      Παθητική Μετοχή


be         (είμαι)                                     was                      been

beat     (νικώ, χτυπώ)                         beat                     beaten

become     (γίνομαι)                            became                become

begin      (αρχίζω)                               began                   begun

bend  (σκύβω, λυγίζω)                       bent                     bend

bet     (στοιχηματίζω)                          bet                       bet

bite       (δαγκώνω)                             bit                        bitten

blow       (φυσάω)                               blew                     blown

break      (σπάζω)                               broke                    broken

bring      (φέρνω)                                brought                brought

build      (κτίζω)                                   built                      built

burn       (καίω)                                  burnt/burned        burnt/burned

buy        (αγοράζω)                             bought                  bought

can        (μπορώ)                                 could                     ------

catch      (πιάνω)                                 caught                  caught

choose     (διαλέγω)                           chose                    chosen

come       (έρχομαι)                             came                    come

cost       (κοστίζω)                              cost                       cost

cut        (κόβω)                                   cut                         cut

dig        (σκάβω)                                 dug                        dug

do         (κάνω)                                   did                         done

draw     (ζωγραφίζω)                          drew                     drawn

dream    (ονειρεύομαι)                      dreamt/dreamed  dreamt/dreamed

drink      (πίνω)                                   drank                   drunk

drive      (οδηγώ)                                drove                   driven

eat        (τρώω)                                   ate                      eaten

fall       (πέφτω)                                  fell                        fallen

feed       (ταϊζω)                                  fed                       fed

feel       (αισθάνομαι)                          felt                       felt

fight (πολεμάω/μαλώνω)                   fought                 fought

find       (βρίσκω)                                found                   found

fly        (πετάω)                                   flew                     flown

forbid     (απαγορεύω)                        forbade                forbidden

forget     (ξεχνάω)                              forgot                  forgotten

forgive   (συγχωρώ)                           forgave               forgiven

freeze     (παγώνω)                            froze                    frozen

get        (παίρνω)                                got                       got

give       (δίνω)                                    gave                    given

go         (πηγαίνω)                               went                   gone

grow (μεγαλώνω/καλλιεργώ)           grew                    grown

hang       (κρεμώ)                                hung                    hung

have       (έχω)                                    had                      had

hear       (ακούω)                                heard                   heard

hide       (κρύβω)                                hid                        hidden

hit        (κτυπώ)                                   hit                       hit

hold       (κρατάω)                               held                     held

hurt       (πληγώνω)                            hurt                     hurt

keep       (κρατάω)                              kept                    kept

know       (ξέρω)                                 knew                   known

lay        (τοποθετώ)                            laid                       laid

lead (οδηγώ/ηγούμαι)                        led                       led

learn      (μαθαίνω)                             learnt/learned    learnt/learned

leave      (φεύγω)                               left                      left

lend       (δανείζω)                              lent                      lent

let        (επιτρέπω)                              let                        let

lie        (ξαπλώνω)                              lay                       lain

light      (ανάβω)                                 lit/lighted            lit/lighted

lose       (χάνω)                                   lost                     lost

make       (φτιάχνω)                           made                  made

mean  (σημαίνω/εννοώ)                    meant                meant

meet       (συναντώ)                           met                      met

pay        (πληρώνω)                            paid                    paid

put        (βάζω)                                   put                      put

read       (διαβάζω)                             read                    read

ride       (καβαλάω)                             rode                    ridden

ring  (κουδουνίζω/χτυπώ)                      rang                   rung

rise  (σηκώνομαι/ανεβαίνω)                  rose                     risen

run        (τρέχω)                                  ran                      run

say        (λέω)                                     said                     said

see        (βλέπω)                                 saw                    seen

sell       (πουλάω)                                sold                     sold

send       (στέλνω)                              sent                    sent

set    (βάζω/ακουμπάω)                         set                      set

shake      (κουνάω)                             shook                  shaken

shine      (λάμπω)                                shone                  shone

shoot    (πυροβολώ)                           shot                     shot

show       (δείχνω)                              shown/showed   shown/showed

shut       (κλείνω)                                shut                     shut

sing       (τραγουδάω)                         sang                     sung

sink       (βουλιάζω)                            sank                     sunk

sit        (κάθομαι)                                sat                        sat

sleep      (κοιμάμαι)                             slept                     slept

smell      (μυρίζω)                               smelt/smelled      smelt/smelled

speak      (μιλάω)                                spoke                   spoken

spell      (συλλαβίζω)                          spelt/spelled        spelt/spelled

spend      (ξοδεύω)                             spent                    spent

stand      (στέκομαι)                            stood                    stood

steal      (κλέβω)                                stole                      stolen

stick      (κολλάω)                               stuck                     stuck

sweep   (σκουπίζω)                            swept                    swept

swim     (κολυμπάω)                           swam                    swum

take       (παίρνω)                               took                       taken

teach      (διδάσκω)                            taught                   taught

tell         (λέω)                                     told                       told

think      (σκέπτομαι)                           thought                thought

throw      (πετάω κάτι)                        threw                    thrown

understand (καταλαβαίνω)                 understood          understood

upset    (αναστατώνω)                       upset                    upset

wake       (ξυπνάω)                             woke                    woken

wear       (φοράω)                               wore                    worn

win        (κερδίζω)                               won                     won

write      (γράφω)                               wrote                   written